Sunday, October 26, 2008

Further Proof

In case anyone doubts my insanity, I made it official yesterday by participating in the Door County Fall 50. In a nutshell, it's a road "race" (seeing that we aren't ultra-competitive, we prefer to call it a run) starting at the top of the Door County Peninsula in Gills Rock and running down 50 miles to finish in Sturgeon Bay. The miles are split up into 10 legs and as a team of 5, we each ran two legs. I ran a 5 mile leg and a 6.1 mile leg. It was honestly the most beautfiul run I have ever taken part in and I truly was honored to be a part of this team and enjoyed spending time with such a great bunch of women.

This is our team bright-eyed and bushy tailed at the starting line. We stayed in Sister Bay, so we had a very short drive up to the starting line.
We also decorated our car with our team name. I don't have all the pictures back yet, but we had quotes from Forrest Gump on a side window and "We Run Like Girls" on our back window.
Here's Nadine. What a sweetheart! She ran our 1st and 6th legs! Not only is she the mommy of an 8-month old, but she ran the Fox Cities Half Marathon just a little over a month ago! And by golly, she did not let the woman in the tutu beat her!
This smiling girl is Miss Jennifer and I am so proud of her! She ran our 2nd and 7th legs. Prior to this race, the longest run she had ever completed in competition was an 8K (4.78 miles). Her first leg was 5.6 miles with two vicious hills! And she did it all with a smile on her face!
Miss Heather is our team organizer and most experienced runner. She took the longest leg of 7.3 miles and the shortest leg of 3.0 miles. She also had one of the most picturesque runs through Peninsula State Park. She also takes almost as many pictures as I do as a fellow scrapbooker.
If you think Ms. Hilari looks irked in this picture, it's probably because I snapped it right after she came up a monster of a hill. Despite that, she absolutely flew through her first and 10th legs! She is the funniest germ-a-phobe I have ever met!
This is me somewhere on the first of my two legs because I'm smiling. I don't think I'll be running time in the next couple of days though. Every inch of my leg muscles hurt.

As crazy as it sounds to run over 11 miles in a single day, there were over 60 individuals who ran the whole race SOLO. So, no, I don't think I've gone totally over the edge yet. The weekend was filled with lots of laughs and inside jokes, some of which I can't really post here. For those of you in the "know", I'll leave you with this parting image because you all know what we did!


Margie said...

You are so awesome, Miss B! What an inspiration. See you Tuesday.

EBBsMum said...

You totally ROCK Becca! You continue to inspire me all the time! What a blessing you are! :)

nwgdc said...

I was one of those crazies that ran the whole thing solo! I still can't feel my feet...:)

Heather is a friend of mine (I'm from Plymouth) and your team cheered for me as I was leaving at the start.

Congrats on a great event! See you next year!!

Angie said...

Wow!!! That's so fabulous! Great job!

Jennib said...

Stephanie took my comment! ROCK was the word I wanted to say! Totally true, every word of it. Wish we lived closer, I'd have run with you! :)