Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Fruitful Day

It was a busy day today! I was reminded by Ian this week that we had not yet been apple picking this year. Kyra picked up on it too so we took a road trip to Hillside Orchard in Casco today. It was the perfect day today too! Here are the kids in the tractor-pulled wagon ready to set out for the orchard.

Even though Ian loves apples, I think he secretly loves apple picking because he has free reign to climb the trees. Of course, these trees were a little smaller than the orchard we visited last year so a few apples were knocked down in the process!

Kyra also got in on the picking! In fact, she had to have her own personal bag. I had a hard time getting a picture of her looking at the camera today though!

We also were able to do double-duty as the orchard also featured a pumpkin patch. Ian found a perfect pumpkin right away; however, Kyra was a little more picky! This one was too big, that one was still green, that one had a bug . . . and on and on. Finally, she settled on this one.

So, here we are with our harvest. It was a great day and I'm sure those kiddos will sleep well tonight!


scrapper al said...

Looks like it was a fun day. I love the family pic. So what do you do with all the apples? Eat as is? Bake pies? Applesauce?

Margie said...

Cute pictures! Great haircut as well my friend.

Jess said...

i was going to comment on the same thing margie did - the hair! not only does it look like you cut it, it looks like you colored it too! can't wait to see it up close :) glad you had a wonderful family weekend.