Sunday, June 7, 2009

She's Just a Giver!

The other day, I mentioned that Mel has been bringing creatures to the back door. Well, this morning, she took her obsession a little too far. Yes, my darling puppy brought us a baby rabbit! Now, I did not see this poor creature who happened to be at the opposite end of a curious pooch's snout, but somehow Mel did not crush it and Rich placed it back in a nest (although we don't think it was the correct nest). So now, I think Mel might want to be looking out for Bunny Foo-Foo!

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Margie said...

Alex has done this before. Not here as she is now too slow to catch them, but back in Texas. Alex got a hold of 2 bunnies, but I was only able to save one. Hopefully you won't get too many of this kind of gift.