Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Make New Friends?

Tonight, Rich had to work on a project late so we decided to meet for dinner at Culvers. A local school group was hosting a fundraiser and the Culver's mascot, Scoopie, was there milling about.

Kyra has always been leery of large, oversized mascots. In fact, on her first trip to Disneyland, we have nary a picture with the large rodent because she was absolutely petrified of any of the characters (though she did ultimately warm up to Remy & Emile for some reason even though they were the wrong rodents!).

We pulled into the parking lot and Scoopie was walking around the building waving to the cars. Kyra was SO excited I thought she was going to burst. All she could talk about was how she loved Scoopie and she was going to talk to Scoopie and she was going to show Scoopie her bird feeder project from Playschool. She also stated, "I used to be a-scared but I'm not a-scared anymore."

Not five minutes later, Kyra entered Culvers only to be confronted of the reality of the oversized ice cream cone with rather creepy blue eyes. Yeah, we're still a-scared! Maybe another day . . .


Jess said...

those guys can be freaky! and they are so huge compared to the little people in our lives :) well, she tried to be not-a-scared, so that counts for something!

Margie said...

What a cute story! Like Jess said, at least she tried to be brave.