Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brand Awareness Starts Early (a/k/a BUSTED!)

It really isn't my fault - the car needed gas! It was the nearest exit! Kyra needed to go potty! What's a mom to do? Could I help that the Coach outlet was in plain view of the public restrooms? It was such a short stroll and the colors in the window were oh-so-springy! I will plead the fifth on the rest of the details.

However - upon returning home from our journey to Indiana, we headed out for a bite to eat. Everything was going so well and then the hostess sat a table near ours to which Ms. Kyra sees the woman's purse and exclaims - "Look Mommy! She has a purse just like your NEW purse!" Yes, so busted (but the fact that Kyra knows a good handbag when she sees one brings a tear to the eye, does it not?)


Jess said...

oh becca, do you have a purse addiction? :) and are you passing this love for purses on to the littest woman in your house?! for shame! :)

i do like the 'in my defense' stance you took. very nice. i'll have to keep that one in mind. :)

scrapper al said...

Kyra is too cute!

Margie said...

You are too funny Miss B!