Monday, April 13, 2009

Grace of the wrong sort

Borrowing a page from dear Ms. M, I must tell you all of my latest episode. Before I begin, I must say: DON'T WORRY, MOM, I AM OK! (my mom reads my blog and I know this post is going to warrant a phone call (not that I mind said phone call, but I just don't want good ol' Pokey to get herself all worried over nothing) - Love ya', Mom!)

Where to begin this tale? I got up this morning with the full intention of running along the lakeshore. Of course, once I got down there, I realized that 35 degrees into the wind wasn't exactly my cup of tea for the morning so I headed into the Y to run around the track.

Everything was going well and the run was good (despite the lack of better scenery) when the maintenance guy at the Y decided it would be a good idea to set up scaffolding in the middle of the back stretch of the track. Honestly, whatever possessed him to do this while someone was running around the track, I will never know. Alas, I had to jump over one of the legs and round the corner. Obviously, the jumped knocked me out of focus and before I knew it, I had ran smack into one of the outside beams of the track and was knocked on my ample backside. I think what irked me the most was that the maintenance guy didn't even notice that I was sitting there stunned for a few minutes. I managed to get myself up and tell the front desk what happened. After filling out an accident report, I drove home (which, in retrospect, probably wasn't the wisest of ideas, but then again . . . ) As soon as I got in, I went and got Rich and told him I needed to go to the doctor.

The Lord was really working for me this morning as Rich and the two kids were assembled in no time flat with minimal whining (Kyra was still sleeping when I got home and wasn't particuarly fond of being awakened from her beauty sleep). Then it was off to the ER where, to my amazement, there was NO waiting! The kids were extremely well behaved and the nurses took pity on them and showered them with juice and chocolate milk. I had my head examined (literally) with a CT scan and they discovered that I do, indeed, have a brain! Seriously, there were no abnormal findings but I just have a severe headache and I need to avoid football, wrestling, skateboarding and other contact sports that may result in a head injury for the next week. So, I guess my skydiving adventure planned for this week is out.

So, praise to God for being in control and keeping me safe. I guess this proves that I am really hard-headed after all!


Jess said...

becca this post is hilarious...the way it is written, not the events that unfolded to warrent such a post! i am sorry for the fall and glad that indeed, unlike the scarecrow, you have a brain :) (i never wondered). let me know if you need anything, like a small respite from little lady girl so you can rest. i'll call again to check up on you. lots of love

Margie said...

Becca! I am so glad you are okay first off, but I have to admit you had me laughing when I realized you linked to my Just call me Grace post. From one Grace to another I am glad you are well and if you need anything let me know. Ainsley and Aidan would love to have your kiddos over for a few hours one afternoon.

Ruth said...

Becca, thanks for the disclaimer at the beginning of today's blog. It's good to know that you're thinking of me more than yourself at this time. I'm glad you're ok and I won't call (til tomorrow!)

Love, Mom

scrapper al said...

I'm glad you're okay. I think it is cute your mom reads your blog. Mine doesn't, but then, she doesn't have a computer, lol.

~ Melissa said...

I'm so glad you finally got your head examined!!! ;)