Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's Go Racin' Boys!

It was a big night last night - the annual Cub Scout Pack 3939 Pinewood Derby! As we did last year, Rich and I were the event coordinators. We believe this is one of the most fun events of the Cub Scout years and we do enjoy it in a crazy sort of way. Ian ran some trials of his car the night before the race when we were setting up the track. Though it seemed pretty fast, we tempered it because he only was racing against a few other cars and not those in his own den. Of course, I've come to learn that it is perfectly acceptable amongst Cub Scouts to brag about the speed of your car beforehand.

As in years past, Ian came up with the concept for his car and drew it out. Each year, however, he has done progressively more by himself in the building process. This year, he did almost everything by himself except for a little assistance in placing the wheels. This was a car he could truly take ownership of!

The evening began relatively well. The Tiger den started us out and there were some "design flaws" as several cars didn't make it to the finish line. Then, we had a computer glitch. The timing system wouldn't work at all, so after the Tigers, we switched to good, old-fashioned stopwatches.

As it turns out, after all was said and done, Ian won first place in the Webelos 1 den. As an added bonus, he came in 2nd in the overall grand finale race of the top cars.

Here is Ian getting his trophy from Rich.

I am one proud momma today!

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Jess said...

congratulations or kudos or both to ian! that's wonderful. i am proud of you and rich for letting it truly be 'his' project. what an accomplishment for him! glad you all had a good time at the derby :)

p.s. i don't know how you find the time...seeing as you had a full page layout of you in the paper!!! nicely done and can i say i super appreciated the way you gave so much glory and praise to God? that was sweet.