Saturday, November 15, 2008

What were we thinking?

So, last night I went to a jewelry party and Rich took the kids to the Y to swim. He called me on his way home because Ian wanted to see if his friend C could spend the night. Seeing that the only obligation we had this morning was bowling, I didn't think anything of it and gave the go ahead.

C was beyond thrilled to be here and the two immediately set off for the "cave" to play their videogames. I didn't realize it but Rich took a bowl of Halloween candy for them to munch on. We went to bed sometime around 11 and figured they would do the same as well. Imagine my surprise when I head them still going strong at 4:30 a.m.!!! I really do wish I had my camera when I went down there. Amidst the candy wrappers strewn about on the floor and the huge smiles on their faces, you could just tell they were in 7th heaven but on the verge of a serious sugar crash. I laughed out loud when they said "We've been playing ALL night!"

So, my eldest is now upstairs in dreamland and I am sure C is as well. You are only young once, so we'll see if they ever do that again!

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Margie said...

Oh how funny! Imagine what is to come when the two of them are teens. Hope you had a great time at the party. I am sorry that I missed it.