Friday, November 21, 2008

There's a lesson to be learned here!

As much as I hate to admit it, Kyra is developing a newfound sense of independence. She's very much into being a "big girl" and trying to do things by herself. Rich and I both agree that it is helpful to some degree, but sad in others as she's outgrowing her "baby-ness".

Of course, just because she can do things by herself doesn't always mean it's a good thing. For example, we went to lunch today where they had these small, fat bottles of ketchup. These really irk me because although they are cute, the ketchup comes out way to quickly and you always end up with way more than you originally wanted. Kyra really wanted to do it hereself, but I told her no and she acquiesced. Seems simple and we should be done, right? I forgot to mention that I forgot to replace the lid. Yeah, those bottles may be short, but I have never seen that much ketchup in my entire life! Oh, that child is going to make me die of embarassment yet!

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Jess said...

does the laudry never end?! i hope you were stockpiled on the stain stick or spray. there is nothing more fasinating than touching that which they know they are not supposed to. at least it was the quiet embarrassing kind of moment and not the yelling, draw attention to my mommy moment. (at least i hope it was a quiet one!)