Friday, August 10, 2007

Happiness is . . .

a 4 hour nap! Sadly I was not the napper, but I did benefit from Kyra's long snooze this afternoon especially since she hardly napped at all yesterday.

Anyhow, today I managed to go though all of my drawers/laundry baskets deciding whether to keep or pitch. I filled two large trash bags with "too big" clothes and I am caught up on laundry (to the extent one can ever be caught up).

With that now behind me, I'm looking forward to being able to spend a little quality time with my paper and adhesive this weekend.

1 comment:

scrapper al said...

That's gotta feel great to toss the too big clothes. Enjoy your paper and adhesive (hmmm, I'm thinking a trip to Big Lots or Target is in order, lol).