Monday, August 13, 2007

The cows did it!

Today we went back to Madison to visit some old friends. On the drive home tonight, I chose the backroads because I like driving up the lake. Of course, being the dairy state, there are quite a few cows and well, on a hot day, cows stink! The kids and I had a few laughs about it being "stinky" and the typical 8-year old boy bathroom humor.

We got home around 8:15 and when I pulled Kyra out of the car seat, I could definitely tell she needed a diaper change. When I asked her if she made stinky, she looked at me with that cute smile and curly head of hair and said "cows!" I've never laughed so hard!


scrapper al said...

Bwahhhh hahhh hahhhh! Too cute!

Angie said...

I remember when I was younger and we lived in Wisconsin (in a suburb of Madison). We had to drive by a bunch of dairy farms on the way to our town (DeForest), and my sisters would always be all like, "Angie -- you're so gross," etc. Dang it they were mean to me. LOL