Monday, December 8, 2008

C'mon, people!

We live in WISCONSIN! Are we afraid of a little snow? Heck no!

I ventured out this morning to do my regular Monday grocery shopping for the week. Now, the meterologists are predicting a big snow storm that is supposed to begin sometime today and go through Wednesday morning. You would think by the way people were stocking their carts that the world as we know it is coming to an end! Now, I can't say that the prospect of 14+ inches of snow thrills me, but it's not scaring me one bit!

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Margie said...

Hey, it did not scare the Texas transplant too badly. Blew and shovelled snow this morning with a little help from a neighbor on the driveway. Couldn't figure out where to put the snow with the blower so I was going to do it by hand. The neighbor saved me. It is not as pretty a job as when B does it but it is done none the less.