Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A New Toy (but for who?)

Ian has always loved maps, so it really didn't surprise me when he would stop in front of the GPS display at Radio Schack and check out all of the models. He's had a gift card for Target for quite some time. Rich introduced him to the geocaching website and the idea of going on "treasure hunts" intrigued him. So, my boys made a stop at Target on their way home on Saturday and picked up a GPS.

Seriously, I think Rich wanted one all along but wanted to have a "partner in crime." To say they have been obsessed is an uncderstatement. The funny thing is that it took them two days to actually find their first cache. Apparently, it is a little more difficult than they wuold have thought. Anyhow, here is a picture of Ian with his first "cache". I apologize for the grainy picture; it's from Rich's phone since venturing into the woods with Kyra isn't exactly a viable option at this time.


scrapper al said...

Congrats to Ian and Rich on their first cache.

Jess said...

how funny and crafty those boys can be at getting what they want! when asked what kiersten wanted for her birthday my beloved replied 'tools!:) sounds like they are all the same.
glad to hear your boys had a good time treasure hunting. many adventures and good father/son times are to be had in the future. that's a blessing in itself :)