Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shopping funnies

I don't like to go shopping with Kyra. I feel like I am constantly asking Rich if he minds if I go out shopping by myself. He usually doesn't care (other than the fact that I am spending his money), but I still feel a little guilt because I am "technically" able to work shopping into my weekly routine.

So, today, Kyra and I headed to the mall to do some shopping. She was actually rather well-behaved for the first part of the morning. She even earned herself a cookie from Mrs. Fields (more so as a bribe so I could do my Old Navy shopping in peace).

Kyra has actually been pretty good recently about shopping outside of her stroller. She will stay right by my side and doesn't really tear up a store because she knows that is a one-way ticket to stroller imprisonment. So, after said cookie was finished, she wanted to "go shoppin'" at Old Navy. We were in the sportswear/sleepwear department and the next thing I see is Kyra with a pair of black lace panties over her head saying "look mommy, pretty Kyra!"

And Rich wonders why I don't like to shop with her during the week!

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