Monday, October 12, 2009

Poor Little Man

Sometime in the middle of the night between Thurday and Friday (I'm a little fuzzy on the time; I don't function well when woken from a deep sleep), Ian came down and told us he was "hungry" except it wasn't hunger he was feeling but a severely upset stomach. Needless to say, the past few days have been anything but pleasant in our house. Ian has been a real trooper but this bug has just wiped him out. He was actually looking a little better last night and was excited about returning to school today.

Well, his hopes were soon dashed this morning when the bug reared its ugly head again. I did end up taking him in even though I knew it was viral and nothing really could be done and it just had to run its course. Nonetheless, it gives me a certain piece of mind to have him checked out. The doctor recommended that he stay home from school through at least Wednesday. I've notified school and his teacher will prepare a homework packet for me to pick up.

I feel so bad because Ian is really enjoying school this year and I could tell he was disappointed when the doctor told me how long to keep him home. Please pray for the bug to exit (both Ian and this house).

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scrapper al said...

Get well quickly Ian!